Dressed to Kill

We are a fashion e-commerce portal specialising in fashion accessories. We are backed by our own designing, manufacturing and import set-up. Sourcing from the most sophisticated and competitive markets around the world, D2K brings the latest in fashion to the Indian consumer. We have a full-fledged offline business and sell through over 350 premium retail stores across India. We are also OEM supplier to two high-end Indian fashion brands and multiple foreign brands.

"Jackets are mute, a tie is a statement."

We at D2K fervently believe that accessories add a flair to your appearance that the principal clothing fails to deliver. Come on, we all know it – everyone wears the same shades of suits, who cares and who notes?! But the tie, the small foulard bulging out of your top pocket or the scarf under your collar! That’s what makes you stand out. That’s what makes you express what you really are. Now, however bold and vivacious you may be, you cannot wear aloud yellow jacket or a pair of shiny crimson trousers, can you? So how do you tell that you are different from the dull and indistinct everyman? The accessory!

Combining fashion with quality with convenience with value-for-money

We love fashion and see it as a tool for self-expression. Our collections offer a healthy mix of trend and class and let you express yourself exactly as you would like to. Besides, the designs are carefully created and products are manufactured with the finest craftsmanship. These coupled with the convenience of online ordering, immediate delivery and discounted prices all translate into a never-before value proposition.

No compromise on Professionalism

Despite the lightness of spirit we exude, we practice strict time-tested business principles and you will hardly ever find us lacking on professional fronts. We are sensitive to your interests and feelings and always give our best shot at impressing you. We have come to understand that this simple principle keeps us in business for now and forever.